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#826 Post by mizo » Thu Aug 08, 2019 12:26 am

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Re: The Simpsons

#827 Post by colinr0380 » Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:30 pm

Just caught a few of the Simpsons episodes that Channel 4 has been showing in the UK and wanted to note a couple of the more noticeable censorship edits made in a couple of scenes. The Homer Loves Flanders episode where Ned tires so much of Homer's attention that he has a nightmare about Charles Whitman-style shooting spree gets weirdly edited with the opening ominous whistling as Ned climbs the stairs and puts together the sniper rifle, but then the images cut out before he stands up and audio from during the shooting spree is brought forward to cover the final seconds of putting the gun together, so Ned goes "There's Homer" and a gunshot before he immediately wakes up! Which weirdly in cutting out Ned literally going crazy and shooting randomly and then the absurdity of the postman shooting back at him, makes the nightmare play more disturbingly in some ways, as if he literally did carry out his action of shooting Homer in his dream!

And in the baseball team moving to Alberqueque episode, they cut out the replacement of Hungry Hungry Homer by Paint Drinking Pete, which might be understandable in not wanting to incite copycat behaviour, but it could be argued that The Simpsons were responsible in showing the character writhing around in agony after performing such a stupid act! All to the delight of the not particularly discerning crowds!

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