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#1 Post by TMDaines » Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:28 pm

Pretty unusual for us to breeze through whole seasons of a show in a week or so, but after really enjoying the first two series in late 2017, we were waiting for the third to come out and it was superb again.

I’m struggling to think of a crime show from the perspective of the criminals that is willing to be as dark as this one and not provide us with any real anti-heroes. There’s no glamour to this world of drugs and violence. Money exists as nothing more than a measure of current volatile power. No one ever gets to enjoy their spoils outside of the most gaudy interior design possible. No one can accept their current lot in life. Every time you find yourself sympathising and rooting for someone, they too will be corrupted by power or allow their paranoia to betray them.

There’s an incredible attention to detail to the show’s living, breathing milieu, that features brilliant use of varieties of the spoken form from anywhere between Italian and Neapolitan on the dialect continuum. The location scouts do a fantastic job of bringing out the best of Naples’ varied rugged and brutal architecture, which provides a series of great backdrops for the fate of the characters to play out in front of. The writing is generally very sharp, both in terms of dialogue and the plot, which is always engaging, often thrilling and terrifying, but somehow remains always understandable. Great endeavour is taken to always depict the motivations of all involved without a heavy reliance on too much exposition.

The Arrow Blu-rays aren’t the greatest sadly. There’s a lot of dark scenes ruined by macro blocking in the third series discs and bitrate shouldn’t have been a problem given the video content per disc.

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