The MoC Booklet Thread

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Gregor Samsa
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The MoC Booklet Thread

#1 Post by Gregor Samsa » Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:38 pm

I know there's already a long-standing MoC packaging thread, but I thought that the care and attention they put into their booklets makes them worthy of their own thread, for any specifically booklet-related thoughts. (Favourite examples, general thoughts, discussion of articles within, etc: ) To start by suggesting a couple of my own favourites, I was highly impressed by the booklets for Tabu and Touch of Evil. What I think I like most about them is the way they have enough space to capture multiple perspectives (contemporary and retrospective) on the films, and help suggest new ways of thinking about them---the Welles interview excerpts in Touch of Evil are particularly useful to that end. The use of archival material is also great for placing a film in its individual context, and can sometimes even be poignant, like the anecdote recounted at the end of the Film Comment article in Tabu. For a less academic example, reading the one for Repo Man recently also reminded me that very few other companies if any would devote an entire 44 page booklet in that idiosyncratic style. For me, its a big part of what makes MoC what they are, especially with Criterion downsizing their own booklets in recent years.

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Re: The MoC Booklet Thread

#2 Post by Altair » Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:44 am

Out of my Masters of Cinema collection, I particularly found the booklet for Pasolini's Oedipus Rex valuable, including as it does a long interview with Pasolini talking about the themes of the film and what drove him to make it. A real eye-opener for me (it was my first Pasolini) in terms of understanding "his" cinema.

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