54-55 / BD 37 Sanshō dayū & Gion bayashi

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Re: BD 37 Sanshô dayû / Gion bayashi

#51 Post by MichaelB » Sun May 06, 2012 5:40 am

Yes, there's no question they all deserved a 1080p upgrade. But I'm curious as to why the credits for Gion bayashi look so appalling - presumably that was all that was available? (The rest of the film looks amazing, so the contrast is even more marked).

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david hare
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Re: BD 37 Sanshô dayû / Gion bayashi

#52 Post by david hare » Sun May 06, 2012 7:02 am

Is this just me or is there a serious white level blow out in the image for Sansho? Or am I mistaking my own comps of this with the Criterion DVD which seems to have good grayscale balance?

It gets so bad on my PJ system only the CUs looks anywhere near clear or vaguely sharp.

(Menwhile Ugetsu looks as good as one could ever have expected etc. It frankly appears to me Sansho has suffered some misadventure in the transfer.)

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