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Release Date Spine Title
January 10th 2006319The Bad Sleep Well
January 24th 2006321The Virgin Spring
February 14th 2006320Young Mr. Lincoln
324La bete humaine
February 28th 2006325Kind Hearts and Coronets
March 28th 2006323The Children are Watching Us
3273 Films by Louis Malle
328Murmur of the Heart
329Lacombe Lucien
330Au revoir les enfants
333Fists in the Pocket
April 18th 2006322The Complete Mr. Arkadin
April 25th 2006335Elevator to the Gallows
May 9th 20065The 400 Blows
May 16th 2006331Late Spring
May 23rd 2006332Viridiana
334Harlan County USA
June 6th 2006336Dazed and Confused
337A nos amours
June 13th 2006168Monterey Pop
169Jimi Plays Monterey / Shake! Otis at Monterey
June 20th 2006338Equinox
July 11th 2006339Yi Yi
340Koko: A Talking Gorilla
July 25th 2006341A Canterbury Tale
August 15th 2006342Six Moral Tales
343The Bakery Girl of Monceau
344Suzanne's Career
345My Night at Maud's
346La collectionneuse
347Claire's Knee
348Love in the Afternoon
August 22nd 2006349Kicking and Screaming
August 29th 2006350Seduced and Abandoned
September 5th 20062Seven Samurai
September 19th 2006351The Spirit of the Beehive
October 17th 2006353Sojo con tu pareja
354Clean, Shaven
October 24th 2006355Hands Over the City
November 7th 2006357The Fallen Idol
November 21st 2006359The Double Life of Veronique
November 28th 2006358Pandora's Box
December 5th 2006361The Beales of Grey Gardens
December 12th 2006360Symbiopsychotaxiplasm